We are Maro Studio – united artists, musicians and teachers. I am Natalia, its founder.

English is the official language of our courses and events. Our courses are for native, bilingual and trilingual children and those who learn English as a foreign language.

We are united by the values of international mindedness, and every staff member sees themselves connected to the global community and assume a sense of responsibility to its members. We want to make the world a better and safer place to live. Also, we would like to transmit this to children.

Our main goal is to realize children’s human potential. We create an environment for the development of children’s vitality, adaptability and social and emotional maturity in partnership with parents. We support attachment theory of John Bowlby and Gordon Neufeld approach. We embody student-centered learning and doing our best for both convergent and divergent thinking development.

We are inspired and we create conditions for active cognition in children and parents. What matters is not to know and to be trained, but to be willing to know and able to learn.

Our tools are music, art, drama, literature and outdoor activities. We make interesting games out of them to help children express themselves and learn new things.


Intermark Club is a rapidly growing platform for expats in Russia. It is an absolutely free community with access to discounts and presents from our English friendly partners – restaurants, shops, online & offline services all over Moscow.

The goal of Intermark Club is to make everyday life in a foreign country easier and fuller. That’s why we created a website with tickets to more than 400 concerts, theatre, opera or cinemas (showing movies in original language).

We also organize expat meetups: parties, museum tours, theatre, weekly cinema meetups, English quests and Moscow walks. Website: http://intermarkclub.ru

«Samokat» is a Moscow kids club inspired by the Italian Reggio Emilia approach. Here you can find a full-time playschool (in Russian), courses and thematic city summer camps (in Russian and English) for chidren. Educational events, such as lectures, workshops and master classes are held here for parents (in Russian and English). The club is located at Yartsevskaya street 27k8 (Molodezhnaya Metro Station).

Links (in Russian): https://samokat.co * Instagram * Facebook