An open-air forest glade, an equestrian club, a cozy cafe, a loft or spacious spaces of children’s centers can become a place for our event. When choosing rooms, we are guided by the age of students and the tasks of events or courses, but first of all by a high level of comfort and safety.

Our regular courses take place:

  • On Michurinsky Prospekt, 31k7, in the rooms of BROSCO school (Ramenki Metro Station);
  • In Samokat Kids Club on Yartsevskaya Street 27k8 (Molodezhnaya Metro Station).

All rooms are perfect for a safe and enjoyable stay for children, and to give us the freedom to embody our programs. The modern equipment of the rooms, combined with our materials and the English-language library, expand the studio’s capabilities to the maximum: during classes and breaks, we reinforce our themes with working with Montessori materials and Waldorf toys, play live music on the piano, and certainly use mirrors in our games.

Everything for the comfort of children, parents and teachers!