In English

10 – 14 y.o.

This is an art program in English aimed at kids of 8-13 years old. Each session is a practical master class, where children create an art piece. They learn a new technique with a focus on one of seven elements of art (line, texture, colour, value, space, volume, shape). The goal of the art program is to form questions such as:

    • Who am I?
    • Who can I be?
    • What’s important to me?
    • How do I show this to the world?
    • What’s my story?


    • The facilitators are Inna and Natalia;
    • Sessions take place once a week after forming a new group;
    • We provide attendees with tea and a healthy variety of snacks;
    • All required materials will be provided. Except for occasions on which we’ll need personal items (used or up cycled) to strengthen the reflection of student’s personality in the project;
    • Price: 16000 rubles per program (7 sessions);
    • 5-10 children per group. Please, note, if you’re waiting for the opening of new group for more than 2 weeks, you get 10% discount;
    • Registration and information: +79773046369

What’s next?

After your group finishes this program, we’ll open an illustation art program “Illustrate It!”