In English

16 – 200 y.o.

We invite adults and adolescents to take part in our team debate meetings. Tea-M Debates are moderated discussions on important social and psychological topics.

When you debate as an affirmative or negative team’s speaker, you broaden your mind and develop a wider view even on topics that looked certain for you.

Team debates in Maro Studio are meetings where you can show your powers of persuasion and develop your skills in the following: speaking, presentation, organization of ideas, rhetoric, evidence, rebuttal and prebuttal, teamwork and feedback.

November 21, 2019 – Should people be publicly warned about risks of childbirth and child rearing challenges?
November 28, 2019 – Is it easy for an individual to make the world a worse place?
December 5, 2019 – Are people conscious enough to be able to shape our own lifes?

Address: Moscow, Universitet metro station, Khleb Nasushchnyy (Lomonosovsky prospekt 25k2) and Mokka (Leninsky prospekt 67)
Time: Thursdays, 11:00 – 13:00
Price: 800 Rub/1 person, 1200 Rub/2 people
Please, register in advance: +79773046369